Uncategorized May 16, 2018

Time To Introduce Smart Showers

The Smart Shower

Hey there readers! So I’m going to be introducing something a little out there today that some people have never heard of, let alone even thought was possible.

So we already have smart TVs, smart phones, and smart watches….. But what about smart showers?? Well…. They’re real! Two brands already adapting to this trend but in different ways are Moen with their U, and Grohe with their SmartControl. Both in the form of rainfall showers.


Ok? And…

Well, now you may be asking “ok smart showers are a thing… but what do they actually do?” Let me open the flood gates of information for you. Are you ready to have your life changes? Well; smart showers, being more so the control interface than the actual shower head, greatly enhance your showering experience & allow you to interact with your shower in a myriad of new ways. Being fully touch capable – the interface allows you turn on, turn off, and adjust temperature – amongst other things – with the simple touch of a button or turn of an integrated nob system.


Smart Showers and Presets

Taking this otherworldly introduction a step further: the smart shower system also allows you to create and save custom presets of your favorite experience to be used over again every time you hop in and wash up. From flow speed, water temperature, water pressure, LED color, and even a timer to shut the water off at a certain point in case you like saving money or for those days you’re running late and need to get a quick shower in. Forcing you to get everything washed up within the time frame you allocated. Oh, and did we mention all of this doesn’t have to be done through the interface? Just like the interface communicates with the shower through Bluetooth – your phone can be used as an interface substitute by the means of an app to be able to control everything about your shower experience to the same degree the wall interface could have.

Long ago are the days where our showers had one simple hot and cold / on and off nob, button. Or for the lucky – a couple extra buttons to control water flow. Now is the time where we can control our entire bathroom experience. And aren’t forced to look at a mundane turn nob. The age of the showers of tomorrow; amazing right? Welcome to the future.