Real Estate August 16, 2015

The “Whys” of Home Buying

Choosing what features your perfect home will have seems like an easy enough task: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of kitchen, views, a pool for the kids.  Many buyers find that after telling their agent all their “must-haves” though, they end up seeing a bunch of houses that don’t suit their needs.  This can lead to frustration for both the buyer and their agent, and can greatly lengthen the home buying process.  Why does this happen?  What gets lost in translation?

More often than not, we can get lost in the “whats” of our dream house and not the “whys.”  Do you want 4 bedrooms because you need a room for each of your 3 kids? Or is it that you want a guest room and an office?  If it’s the latter and your agent doesn’t realize that, she might be overlooking your dream home.  While she’s focused on looking only at 4 bedroom homes, a 3 bedroom that has a dedicated office space has come on the market that you’re missing.  This is why open communication is so important between an agent and their client.  A good agent will ask you they “whys,” but if they don’t for some reason (after all, we’re still human) it’s helpful for a buyer to speak up.

Not only will having clear “whys” help your agent, it will help you when looking at potential homes. When it comes time to pull the trigger and make an offer on a house, many buyers feel some anxiety.  If, as a buyer, you can see exactly how the house fits with your needs, writing up that offer will me more fun than stressful.  After all, you’ve just found a home that you know will suit you perfectly!