DiningPortland October 22, 2015

No Po Restaurant Series #2: Thai Cottage

Here we are to talk again about one of my favorite topics–food!  I hope that some of you got a chance to visit Louie’s after my last post, and had a great experience with it.

Thai food seems to be almost a dime a dozen in Portland.  I’ve seen countless take out places, food carts, and sit down restaurants.  Now, I haven’t nearly tried them all, but I have gone to quite a few, and none have been as good as Thai Cottage.  When we first moved to Portland, we moved right into the heart of St. John’s, making this gem just a short walk from the house.  I was immediately drawn to the friendly yellow exterior, and the hopes that there would be some great Thai food inside (I’m a pad thai fiend!).  We made plans to try it out, as my boyfriend had never had Thai food before.  I warned him that when done wrong, it’s REALLY wrong, but I had a good feeling.

Perhaps unsurprisingly (since I’m writing this now) our first experience at Thai Cottage was fantastic!  We sat outside on their front patio and watched the bustle of downtown St. John’s as we waited for our food.  Inside is warm and friendly, with great art on the walls and a variety of booths and tables to choose from.   I can’t remember exactly what we ordered that first time, but I do know that we got the Crab Pad Thai because it’s so good I don’t think I’ve gone back without getting it.  Their menu boasts a ton of different curries, and I haven’t had a bad one yet (my favorite is the avocado green curry, my boyfriend likes the mango red).  The menu doesn’t stop there, though.  There are a bunch of appetizers to try out: from spring rolls, to chicken satay, to cheesy crab wontons (my personal favorite) there’s something for everyone.  Entrees aren’t limited to curries and noodle dishes, though.  The menu is extensive, and since they will bring out a tray of hot chili sauces upon request, spiciness levels are decided by you.  Most dishes are not terribly spicy on their own, but if you’re worried, you can always ask for it mild and the cooks are very accommodating.

They’ve got a pretty decent selection of beer and wine, including Singha and Chang, two popular Thai brews.  If you’re wanting to bring in your own wine, they only charge a $10 corking fee.  I’ve seen restaurants at similar price points charge up to $25, so it’s really a steal.  You can also get a mean Thai iced tea with milk, if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic.  I’m always too full for dessert, but this sweet treat is a perfect finish to a great meal.

Portions are enormous.  I’ve always been a fan of getting two meals out of one and Thai Cottage is great for that.  They make sharing plates really easy.  Entrees generally range from about $12-$18/plate depending on the dish and the meat you ordered with it.  While it may seem like a bit of stretch on the wallet, the fact that you get so much food makes it more than worth the cost.

One of my favorite things about Thai Cottage is that they deliver!  Even since we’ve moved farther away (Google tells me we’re now 3.4 miles away), we still get our order within an hour, usually well under.

So, if you haven’t yet, give Thai Cottage a try! You’ll be glad you did!