Uncategorized September 26, 2017

Interior Design Trends to be on the Lookout for in 2018

No matter if you live in a 10-bedroom manor or a small city apartment, you probably want your home to tell a story about who you are. And, if you are a chic person who loves to be up-to-date with new trends, then you must prepare for 2018. Next year will introduce a lot of new styles and bring back some old ones, so stay ahead of interior design trends and take a look at this list:

It’s All About Texture

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Different fabrics and materials, when mixed, make any space more inviting and interesting, that’s why strong and unusual textures will be on the rise. You can expect to see all sorts of different textures from 3D wallpapers and brushed brass tables to unique lighting fixtures. If you don’t want to change your space too much but still want to give this style a try, take a wool throw and put it over a leather chair. It will instantly make the space more interesting, and you can easily get rid of it if it’s not up to your taste.

Soft and Curvy Furniture

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When it comes to furniture, the shift towards comfort is very visible. You can expect to see many comfy couches with soft, puffy and plump pillows. Also, many designers decide to put fringing on furniture to achieve a look that is both luxurious and edgy.

Back to Nature

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Interior design is slowly turning back to nature with soft, warm and calm tones and shapes. Experts predict that 2018 will be all about natural terracotta, gray, wood tones and muted blues and greens. Also, there’s nothing more natural than baked tiles with geometric patterns, so keep an eye out for them.

Brass and Bronze are Making a Comeback

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These simple metals are able to instantly brighten your home with their shine and color. Even though brass and bronze were considered outdated in 2017, they will surely make a comeback in 2018. Both brass and bronze are quite classic and warm, and they complement many different decorating styles. They’re best incorporated through lighting fixtures and accessories such as lamps, vases or statues. So, if you already have something made of these metals in your home accentuate it the best way you can.

Make Small Color Accents

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Since Japanese and Scandinavian styles are so popular this year, the need to break the monotony of the neutral palette and introduce a light touch of color is no surprise. Toned-down colors mixed with a few small vivid accents will create a modern interior that’s relaxing and well thought-out. You can add a splash of color by adding some brightly colored pillows or getting a chic statement furniture piece.

Green is In

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Once again, green is growing strong. Even though Greenery was Pantone’s color of the year for 2017, it’s will remain popular throughout 2018 as well. Other green shades, from lime green to emerald, also look great indoors, whether you choose them for your accent wall colour or introduce them through rugs. If an idea of using green in big doses doesn’t seem appealing to you, you can introduce it in your home with some emerald glasses. Set your table by using simple white plates and pair them with fun green glasses – it will refresh the look without going overboard.

Invest in Lighting

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In 2018, lighting will not only be a pure necessity but a bold accessory for your home. A quirky lighting fixture can look amazing in the dining room, or you can add a bit of flair to your bedside tables with some unusual lamps that will make a strong statement.

However, keep in mind that nothing is written in stone when it comes to interior design. Incorporate some of these new trends and styles into your home, but don’t hesitate to do it your way. Are you ready for 2018?