home improvement November 28, 2017

How to Purge Toxic Chemicals from Your Home

Your home is your safe haven, it’s a sanctuary and a temple, and it’s where you feel protected. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. We try hard to make our homes safe for us, our family, and our pets, but we don’t actually pay attention to the amount of toxic chemicals we’re exposed to. We give you a brief list of easy ways to purge toxins from your home forever.

Mind your clothes

The smell of new clothes is well-known to us all, but not many of us are aware that the smell is actually toxic residue that’s left over from the factory where the clothes were manufactured. That’s not something you want in your body for sure, so you might want to switch to clothes made of organic fabrics whenever you can. Even better, you can try buying your clothes at thrift stores seeing that used clothing had a chance to off-gas already.

Cleaning products

Take a good look at your supply of cleaning products, and just try reading the labels. It’s amazing how many toxins you’re willingly and deliberately using in your own home, even if it’s for cleaning purposes alone. Instead of going out and spending a fortune on a ton of chemical-filled cleaning products, you can easily make your own at home. Simply mix lemon juice with white vinegar and add baking soda to the mix and you’ll get an all-purpose cleaning solution for your entire household. Not only is this solution more cost-effective, it’s less toxic too, and that is something your family and pets will really appreciate.

Less plastic

Plastic isn’t very environmentally-friendly even when it’s recycled, and to make things worse, there’s a great number of different chemicals that can be found in plastic, which are bad for your health. It might be a good idea to reduce the amount of plastic you keep in your home: switch to tote instead of plastic bags, try buying water in glass instead of plastic bottles, and buy toys which are stuffed or made of wood. Also, PVC (vinyl) is especially harmful and best to avoid as it has a strong smell which in itself can be bad for you.


Asbestos is a mineral which can be found in a number of building materials and pipes, and it was incredibly popular since it helps with fire protection. It can be found in a number of places including steam pipes, roofing, cement, textile dyes, and vinyl floors. Despite its popularity, it can also be a huge health risk, seeing as how asbestos fibres can cause serious damage to lung tissue. Longer exposure to asbestos can lead to a chronic disease called asbestosis or even lung cancer. If asbestos-containing tiles aren’t broken, they aren’t a health risk, but if you notice they are damaged in any way, immediately call experts in asbestos removal from Sydney and minimise your exposure as much as you can.

Avoid pesticides

You might think that pesticides are for your garden plants and farms alone, but you get in contact with different kinds of pesticides each day. Switch to organic food to minimise the amount of pesticides you ingest and carefully rinse all fruit and vegetables before you eat them. While calling the exterminators is the easy solution, you can choose to rely on natural pest solutions instead, and get the same results. Pesticides are bad for your health because they can cause great health problems. Even a simple habit of removing your shoes when you walk into your home will decrease the pesticides inside.

We need to pay special attention to our planet and try to make our habits more environmentally-friendly. Green living isn’t a passing trend, it’s something we should all strive for in an attempt to better protect our planet. The best way to make a change is to take small steps and start from your own home – banish toxins and embrace healthier alternatives, and your health will be significantly improved in a matter of months.