home improvement December 12, 2017

A Checklist for Maintaining Your Home

Living in a home requires not only that you’re able to buy it, but also that you have enough time and money to keep it in top shape and hopefully even improve. If you maintain your house regularly, you’ll be able to avoid many unexpected problems, which means you’ll have to spend less time and money dealing with them.

To help you with this, here is a maintenance checklist, containing some of the most important tasks you need to perform if you wish your home to be well looked after:

Girls_movingMonthly tasks

  • Clean the kitchen sink disposal and make sure the blades are sharp.
  • Check the fire extinguishers. This encompasses checking the pressure on the gauge and visual inspection for any wear and tear. Also, make sure the extinguishers are easily accessible.
  • Check your filters. This includes your HVAC and range hood filters, since they need to be cleaned or replaced regularly to remain fully functional.

Quarterly tasks

  • Inspect smoke detectors. If you have a “test” button, just press it and hope for the alarm to go off. If it doesn’t, first replace the batteries and then try again. If the problem persists, consult an expert.
  • Flush toilets and run water in unused spaces, because you don’t want grime to build up. All it takes is a bit of water every now and then.
  • Check water softener and make sure you add salt if necessary.

Seasonal tasks


Spring is a season when a lot of maintenance work is done, especially on the exterior of your home.

  • Inspect the exterior drainage to make sure all water moves away from your home. This includes checking the gutters. They need to be cleaned, so remove any leaves and sediment from the winter snows and rains.
  • Check for any signs of chipped paint or holes. Also, you need to check the foundation for any cracks. This problem can sometimes be solved using a good silicone or caulk.
  • Prepare your air conditioning system for the summer, when it should function without any problems. Depending on the system and your home, you may require different types of service, but make sure you definitely have the whole system inspected by professionals, such as these experts in air conditioning from North Sydney.
  • Check whether your window screens need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Remove dead plants and shrubs from the house and trim your trees if you didn’t do so in the autumn. Also, make sure that tree branches don’t interfere with electric lines.


This is the time when you need to focus on your garden, but there are also some things you should do around the house.

  • Check plumbing for leaks. If your tap water pressure is weak, you might need to clean or replace the aerators.
  • Deal with insects, since this is the period when they come out to play.
  • Repair your deck or patio if necessary. You may need to tighten some loose boards or replace them.
  • Inspect the vents and make sure that they are not blocked.
  • Clean the garage. The days are longer, which means you’ll have more daylight to get rid of all the clutter that has accumulated in your garage.


This is the time to get ready for the winter.

  • Winterize air conditioning systems and get the heating system ready for winter.
  • Switch off and flush outdoor water faucets.
  • Clean your chimneys. This could also be done in the spring.
  • Purchase winter gear, such as shovels and sidewalk salt.


Now you’re back inside the house.

  • Regularly check for icicles.
  • Tighten the handles, knobs and anything that might have a loose screw.
  • Inspect caulking around shower cabins and bathtubs.

Naturally, this list doesn’t include every single task you need to perform if you want your house to be well maintained, but it does contain some of the most important ones. So, follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy some trouble-free time at home, regardless of the season.