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How to Create a Perfect Open Floor Area

Are you thinking of redecorating and modernizing your house but aren’t sure how you want to do it? While an open floor plan can be challenging it definitely doesn’t mean boring. As a matter of fact, making an open floor area can be the perfect opportunity to get creative and start working on an amazing arrangement of the interior of your home. This type of design is perfect for large families who love spending time together but also for those who love to entertain their friends in the comfort of their own homes.

image 7Create different areas

While having an open floor plan means you’ll have one large room, it should still be sectioned off in order to make clearly distinguished parts of the area. So, for example, if your kitchen, living room and dining room are all connected, it’s still important to decorate them in such a way that it’s clear which space is for what. This can be done by cleverly arranging the furniture. For example, put a sofa between the living and dining area. You can also use double-sided bookcases or cabinets to make a clear distinction between areas. However, be careful when arranging the furniture; too many pieces will make the area appear stuffy and crowded and the point of this type of design is to have plenty of open space.


Even though Australia is pretty sunny, it’s still very important to have good lighting in every room of your house (ed. note: In rainy Portland, good lighting is even more important!). You can clearly distinguish various areas of your open floor plan by installing different chandeliers in each designated area. After you install chandeliers, add some pendant lighting to the kitchen area, put in some additional soft lights in the living area and make sure that the chandelier in your dining area is directly above the center of the table. You can always add some additional smaller fixtures that will complete the design.

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As much as it’s important to make a clear distinction between areas, it’s also important to somehow tie them together and wall decoration is the perfect way you can achieve this. If you’ve decided to paint your walls, use the same shade everywhere, and then choose a separate accent wall color or design for each space. Each accent you choose should work with the overall color but also with other accent designs. Installing tiles in your kitchen is a great way to create an interesting backsplash while wallpapers as an accent design in the dining area can really make the space even more interesting.


Having plenty of natural light is really important for any room so make sure you have plenty of windows in your open floor area. You should use the same materials for all windows but you can go for different window treatments for each space. For a more eclectic yet matching look, you can use the same style and fabric window treatments in different colors. If you have a patio, make sure you use it to the max by connecting it with your interior. You can find high-quality sliding doors in Sydney and use them to gain easy access to the outside but also to let in as much light as possible.


The final, yet most important, touch when decorating are accessories. Not only can accessories tie the room together, but they make it look extra beautiful and interesting. You can arrange some same style accent pieces around your home like river stones, wooden décor and landscape art, water features or something similar. The pieces don’t have to match, but they should work well together.

You will definitely have to knock down a few walls if you want to create an open floor plan, but the end result will be truly amazing. Open floor plan adds a certain dose of coziness that every home needs; so think carefully and start planning.