home improvement December 28, 2017

Fun and Cozy Lighting for Kids’ Bedrooms

Every room needs good lighting, because without it, the space is practically useless. However, kids’ rooms require a special lighting treatment because they are multifunctional spaces that provide your kids with a playing, learning, relaxing and sleeping area. So, investing in different layers of lighting should be your decorating priority. Here’s how you can light up your kids’ rooms in a fun and cozy way.

Safety first

Kids’ safety is every parent’s priority, so you should think about safe and healthy ways to illuminate your kids’ bedrooms. For instance, opt for lighting that isn’t fragile. Wood and plastic is always a much better choice than glass or pottery. Also, when choosing general lighting, think about whether your choice of the fixture can be taken down with a ball or a flying pillow. If the answer is yes, then keep looking.

If you have toddlers in the house, their curiosity can make them pull lamps off the desk and topple floor lamps. So, make sure to secure cords and lamps in their place.

Fun desk lamps for fun tasks

Every kid loves to go through their interesting books and do some coloring and drawing. Older kids might already have simple homework to complete and exercise their motor skills. That’s why you have to provide them with good task lighting. Think adjustable nightstand lamps for reading in bed and desk lights for more serious writing and drawing. Good task lighting will prevent eye strain, eliminate shadows and allow your kids to focus on the task at hand. Make sure the lamp is adjustable and has LED light bulbs that are cold and pleasant to the eye.

Comforting night-lights

No kids’ room is complete without fun night-lights. It’s as much of a tradition as it is a necessity for kids. Night-lights offer kids security and help them navigate through the dark without bumping into their toys. Most night lights come in super fun shapes and colors, so let your kids pick out the one that brings them the most comfort. However, make sure they have LED bulbs. Since night-lights are usually left on the entire night, energy-efficient LEDs will not leave you with a huge electricity bill.

String lights for a cozy atmosphere

String lights are not only suitable for winter holidays. In fact, they can provide your kid with a soft and relaxing lighting all year round. The best part is that they come in a huge variety of colors and they will create an amazing fairytale-like atmosphere. So, if your kid isn’t a great fan of night-lights, string lights can come in very handy.

Light-up buddies

If your kid already has a room full of plush animals, the next time you visit a toy store, get your kid a special light-up friend. They look just like regular plushies, but they light up from the inside with a touch of a button. The story goes that they provide the best protection from all monsters that lurk in the dark.

Don’t be afraid to go big

Most parents think that small rooms and small kids need small lighting fixtures. However, bold and chunky lamps and pendants can look really great and serve as a focal point of the room. Additionally, they will probably provide the room with more light for play and relaxation. Just make sure to have a number of a reliable 24 hour electrician from Sydney who will come to install the fixtures and make sure everything is safe.

Involve your kids

If you want to involve your kids in the process of lighting and decorating their rooms, you can opt for lamps with plain lampshades ready for decorating. Get a bunch of trim, tassels, glitter and paint, and let them go crazy.

Once you’re finished with lighting, your kids will always have a warm and bright place for play, relaxation and sleep.