Real Estate January 12, 2018

6 Signs That You Found the Perfect Home

Many realtors will tell you that there is no such thing as the perfect home. The more realistic and savvy the buyers are, the easier it is to come to a compromise. However, you didn’t sell your old place to purchase a compromise. Emotions may be running high, especially if you are purchasing your first home, so it’s important not to be swayed by the small stuff and overlook the big things. Here’s a list of signs that you’ve come to the right address.

stocksnap_5f7649370bYou like the neighbourhood

While this is really a vast category, the location is one of the few things you cannot change. You can remodel and extend, but you cannot move the house. Some will appreciate great schools districts and shopping centres, while others will fall in love with a nearby recreation area and wooded walking trails. Whatever amenities and conveniences you are looking for in the new neighbourhood, keep in mind that this is a decision you make only once.

Looks great after dark, too

If you like the house and the neighbourhood, make sure you pay it a couple of night visits as well. This will tell you right away if the neighbours are getting noisy, or if that cosy pub on the corner becomes a rowdy mead hall after dark. Ask about the bin collection day and see if the locals leave out neatly tied-up recycling sacks or pile up black bags for possums to feast on. Again, you can do wonders to your home, but the neighbourhood you cannot change.

Leaves room to grow

Look for a home that can easily adapt to your needs as your family grows or your life changes. A new baby or a kid moving back in after college may call for extensions such as attic remodelling or building an adjacent structure at the expense of the plot. So, if you can’t afford a place large enough to cater to your future needs, at least choose one that allows building on later on. Now, before you fall in love with one of these extensions, ask about the local zoning laws concerning home extensions and modifications.

img_20160907_171801856The structure is sound

Aside from the ‘soft’ features, a home that is perfect for you needs to meet certain building standards and technical properties. If the water in a glass on the dining room table seems to be angling towards a ‘strange gravity field’ under the house, the house might have a slab issue. An experienced builder will easily tell if it rains both inside and outside, as well as recognize a roof that needs replacing. If your budget is already stretched to the limits, technical issues like these should be deal killers for you.

Not looking at other homes anymore

When all the other homes you’ve seen after it don’t appeal to you, when the ones you’ve seen so far move down to number 8 and below, you know that that’s the house you’ve been looking for. Sometimes it’s the inner gut instinct that tells you that’s the place. You can see yourself decorating it, rearranging it, living in it. However, even if you trust your gut 99.99%, ask the good people from White Square Properties to confirm that you are truly buying a dream.

It can sell one day

Although you shouldn’t think of your new home as an investment, purchasing a white elephant doesn’t make sense, either. While you may be enthralled by the 200-litre saltwater aquarium or a glass home elevator, the next potential buyer may not find use for such extravagancies, even less pay more for them. If a home is very much unlike other nearby homes in size, style, amenities, price, etc., you may end up with a burden that would be hard to sell.

You want the perfect home for you and your family. On the other hand, you need to realistically consider both positive and negative features, regardless of the price range. While the ideal home is hard to find, some aspects like location, adaptability, and structural condition are equally important as your gut feeling.