Uncategorized January 18, 2018

Hire a Concrete Contractor Instead of Going DIY

As a rule of thumb, whenever there’s a need for concrete construction, you should think twice about taking the matters into your own hands. Sure, turning it into a DIY project is always a possibility, but think about it; you don’t construct/reconstruct using concrete every day, and you probably don’t have the required experience anyway, so hiring a contractor is probably a good idea. Still thinking you can go DIY here? Well, read on, and after you’re done, if you still want to take matters into your own hands, by all means, do it!

Skills, knowledge and experience

Unless you’re an expert or experienced in concrete work, your knowledge and skills probably don’t meet the requirements. Concrete work is complicated: you need to possess solid knowledge of the best practices, all the necessary procedures, measurements, tools and techniques, which goes to say that this profession can’t be performed by just about anyone.

Okay, fine, so you’ll have to do some research; no biggie, right? Unfortunately, even though you can gain significant knowledge through research, it will not only take a lot of time, but it will also give you zero experience – a factor that is absolutely essential in concrete work. So, you need to ask yourself how much time you’re willing to spend on preparations, tools, and whether or not you’re okay with messing things up here and there, because it will inevitably happen.


Speaking of messing things up, you need to realize how much dedication lies in mixing concrete – much, much more than you might think. Even the most inexperienced concrete contractor has worked with concrete more than a couple of times, which means experience – something that you probably don’t have; and even if you do, it is probably incomparable to that of a pro.

So, what happens if the process of concrete mixing isn’t done correctly? Well, the concrete becomes susceptible to cracking, and cracking is not something that can be effectively patched up. So, unless you don’t mind potentially doing things over in a couple of years, make sure that you stick to experts in the concrete department.


Every true professional has all the necessary equipment by their side, or is perfectly fine with cashing out for a necessary piece if needed, because it’s probably going to come in handy for another job further down the line. The equipment in question isn’t something as mundane as a hammer or a paint roller. Essential and quality concrete tools include stuff like scouring machines, drill stands, drilling machines, magnetic drill rigs; stuff that you probably don’t have stored away in your garage.

This is another reason why contractors are a way better solution for concrete work than turning it into a DIY project!

Saving money

If none of the previous factors have deterred you from taking concrete matters into your own inexperienced hands, the financial factor just might. If you’ve ever taken on a DIY project, you know that learning along the way is unavoidable here, and this is exactly what will have you hemorrhaging money that you could’ve easily put in your pocket.

As mentioned, someone who goes DIY on their concrete project is bound to make mistakes, and fixing these up is another thing that will doubtlessly set you back. Add the cost of purchasing all the necessary tools and machinery, and you’ll see how much of a waste you’d be making by taking on this task by yourself.

If none of these factors have deterred you from turning your concrete renovations/construction into a DIY project, nothing will! Think about your lack of skills, knowledge, experience, precision and equipment and about how much money you’d be wasting, and hire a concrete contractor who will do an amazing job.