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home improvement Fun and Cozy Lighting for Kids’ Bedrooms Every room needs good lighting, because without it, the space is practically useless. However, kids’ rooms require a special lighting treatment because they are multifunctional spaces that provide your kids with a playing, learning, relaxing and sleeping area. So, investing in different layers of lighting should be your decorating priority. Here’s how you can light […]
home improvement How to Clean Your Rental in 6 Easy Steps -Holiday Edition Living in a rental does not mean you can avoid cleaning duties or the holiday preparations. It just means that you have to take extra care not to damage anything during the cleaning and decorating process and that you should try to make some room for guests who are bound to pop by during the […]
home improvement A Checklist for Maintaining Your Home Living in a home requires not only that you’re able to buy it, but also that you have enough time and money to keep it in top shape and hopefully even improve. If you maintain your house regularly, you’ll be able to avoid many unexpected problems, which means you’ll have to spend less time and […]
home improvement How to Purge Toxic Chemicals from Your Home Your home is your safe haven, it’s a sanctuary and a temple, and it’s where you feel protected. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. We try hard to make our homes safe for us, our family, and our pets, but we don’t actually pay attention to the amount of toxic chemicals we’re exposed […]
home improvement 2018 Kitchen Trends 2017 is slowly coming to an end, which means we should get familiar with all the trends that 2018 brings along. Every year offers some exquisite new designs, colours and materials, and judging by the latest kitchen exhibitions and shows, 2018 will be the year of fascinating kitchen trends. From elegant and vibrant colours to […]
home improvement Best Ways to Decorate Your Home without Blowing Your Budget What’s the easiest way to make yourself feel comfortable while you’re in your home? Well, the answer is pretty obvious – you need to redecorate everything according to your needs and your taste. The truth is, redecorating your home is a challenging task, mainly because you’re not starting from scratch. Working with a blank canvas […]
home improvement Cheap Ways to Boost the Value of your House The housing market is getting more competitive with each passing day, and if you are in the market to sell your house, you want to make sure you are using every trick in the book to boost the value of your home and give it the best chances. However, moving can be very expensive, and […]
home improvement 6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Moving to a New Apartment Moving to a new place is always exciting, but also a bit frightening too, isn’t it? Not knowing what you’re doing and whether you’re making the right move, as well as being swamped with a ton of work that needs to be done beforehand and having to work out the logistics of the move months […]
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home improvement Designing a Modern Living Room Each of us can do an entire living room overhaul, even on a tight budget. With a few creative tricks up your sleeve and some knowledge about the most sensible design choices, you will be able to renovate your living room efficiently and in a short time-frame. This knowledge is especially useful if you decide […]
home improvement Green Bathroom Tips and Tricks The bathroom is the most wasteful room in the entire home. We usually let the water run freely, waste paper and use a huge amount chemicals. But, with climate change and horrible pollution comes the realization that we need to take some steps and start conserving and protecting our environment (and even save some money […]
home improvement Is It Wiser to Renovate or Buy a New House? Every once in a while, a time comes to make a decision regarding the changes you want to make to the house you live in. Either your household does not suit you for this reason or the other or you need to make certain rearrangements due to a shift in the family unit. Often, it […]
home improvement 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To A New Home If you are looking for a major change, such as moving to a new house, you should not dive in unprepared. You have to be sure that it is the right time to do it or right call after all. Know what you stand to lose and gain: Even when you are young and attached, […]
home improvement 5 Tips for Selling Your Property Faster in any Market  Markets tend to vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, but some things remain the same. A property that sits empty in the market is a property that always amasses expenses, not profit. Well, a perfect buyer does not simply come across by some chance and give you a hefty offer. There is a host of […]