Portland Spring is Here! Upcoming Activities in Portland and Beyond! Spring is my absolute favorite season.  Growing up in Southern California I was always a summer lover, but since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have a new appreciation for this transitional season.  Down there, Spring doesn’t really exist.  It never gets cold enough for winter to really take effect, so once March rolls around, […]
Holidays Christmas Time is Here…and So Are the Lights! My absolute favorite thing about the holidays is seeing the city transform into a sea of lights.  Whether it’s in my neighborhood or a professional display, there’s nothing that gets me in the holiday spirit quite like some good Christmas lights.  Here in Portland, there’s no shortage of great holiday displays.  I wanted to share […]
Holidays How to Avoid Holiday Hosting Disasters Thanksgiving is upon us! If you’ve tackled the turkey at your place before, you know that there’s always SOMETHING that doesn’t go to plan.  If it’s your first time, know that no matter how prepared you think you are, there will be hiccups along the way.  Sometimes, it can feel like the entire holiday rests […]
Travel Wisconsin Wanderlust–So Much to See In-Country! Typically, when we think of a “dream vacation” there’s the thought that it has to be somewhere exotic, and that usually means international.  Why is that the case though?  We live in a HUGE country.  It can’t be that the only destinations worth visiting are outside this 3.8 million square mile hunk of land. Even […]
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